Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the ADO includes Dr. Sandra Luis, Dr Aaron White, Dr Benjamin Chapman, Dr Eugene Pearce and Dr Robert Wood. Dr. Sandra Luis was the director of NSW Skin Health Unit in 1996-1999. Dr Aaron White had worked in the RnD section of Commonwealth Network of Scientists for over 10 years before joinging the ADO, with a sound research background in microbiology and dermatology. Dr Robert Wood is the current Chairman of the ADO. Dr Robert Wood is an achieved medical doctor with over 50 years of research experiences in biology and dermatology. Dr Benjamin Chapman is a board member of the Aussie Organics Farming Association, with a focus on cosmetic certification process. Dr Eugene Pearce was a member of committee in Dermal Health VIC. The current Head of Committee Dr Robert Wood was a co-founder of Western Sydney Dermatology Hospital in 1988, and served as the Head of Dermatology Services at the RPA Hospital before moving to the US to research in phytoscience and medical dermatology. Dr Wood’s research led to the discovery of 3 unique probiotic strains that were proven to be accountable for the immune system of the human skin. Since then, Dr Robert Wood shared his research experiences in both the medical field and naturopath field to provide RnD resources for cosmetic companies in the organic skincare field in Australia.