Certified products or ingredients are granted ADO Certified Dermaceutical Grade certification and the logo can be used only for the approved product or ingredient and not must not be associated with non certified product or ingredient, otherwise the ADO may cancel the certification.

The certification process

1. An individual or business must email info@australiandermaceutical.org to submit the relevant information below

  • Contact name 
  • Contact number
  • Business name 
  • Product Name
  • Product Information 
  • Ingredients
  • Ingredients origin 
  • Manufacturer details

An ADO representative will contact for the next steps.

2. Initial Determination 

An initial determination (ID) is based on the factual information, samples and lab results. If the ADO is satisfied by the initial samples tested and the full comprehensive lab results, then the certification may be granted based on the ID.  If the ADO is not fully satisfied by the ID results, the further information and researches may be required. See step 3.

3.   Final Determination 

The FD is based on supplementary information, additional samples and further researches and lab results to determine the eligibility for the proposed product or ingredient. If the ADO is satisfied with the FD, then the certification may be granted. 

4. Certification Grant

A certification and a transparent logo will be granted to the certified product or ingredient. The product or ingredient will also be listed on the ADO website as Certified.



  • Ingredients
  • Pathological analysis 
  • Claimed benefits
  • Effectiveness
  • Efficiency
  • Side effects
  • Batch product testing
  • Human testing
  • Cellular testing
  • Full clinical testing


The business or individual may be contacted for further information or materials eg. samples and batch products may be required if the ADO is not satisfied in the initial determination.